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Pavement rainbows
An interesting phenomenon... not to be confused with the more well known oil film interference patterns.

Alpine meadow formation
How are alpine meadows formed??

My physics textbook recommendations
Commentary on the textbooks I have either read or glanced at. Also maybe some general advice?

Rudolf Ortvay 2020
My solutions (some wrong) to the 2020 Rudolf Ortvay Competition where I had the top score.

Mindscape podcast by Sean Carroll. I don't like the philosophical ones though - I don't think philosophy is my thing.

In Our Time podcast by Melvyn Bragg. Preferably for learning more about something you already know a little about.

Religious miscellaneous

My work:
Notes on Miracles
My notes on C. S. Lewis's book Miracles - they add up to 16 pages and consist of summary and nice quotes.

Lexicographic analysis of the Pauline Epistles
A simplified computer analysis of the word frequencies in the Greek New Testament to examine the contested authorships of various letters by Paul the Apostle.

Learning in War-Time (1939) [pdf] by C. S. Lewis
This sermon given by Lewis to Oxford students at the start of the Second World War seeks to answer the following question: "Why should we continue to take an interest in [scholarly pursuits] when the lives of our friends and the liberties of Europe are in the balance? Is it not like fiddling while Rome burns?" In addressing that question, Lewis takes it one step further for the academic Christian and asks: "How is it right for creatures who are every moment advancing either to Heaven or to hell to spend any fraction of the little time allowed them in this world on such comparative trivialities as literature or art, mathematics or biology?" This generalization keeps this essay relevant for academic Christians even today.

The Relation of Science and Religion (1956) by Feynman
The transcript of a talk given by Richard Feynman, taken from here. Feynman (one of the most beloved physicists of the 20th century and an atheist) offers some interesting insights,

Science and Faith by Shoucheng Zhang
An essay written by the late Chinese condensed matter theorist, translated into English.


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