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Pavement rainbows
An interesting phenomenon... not to be confused with the more well known oil film interference patterns.

Alpine meadow formation
How are alpine meadows formed??

My physics textbook recommendations
Commentary on the textbooks I have either read or glanced at. Also maybe some general advice?

Can you explain this phenomenon?
Sand waves.

Rudolf Ortvay 2020
My solutions (some wrong) to the 2020 Rudolf Ortvay Competition where I had the top undergraduate score.

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My youtube channel

Notes on Miracles by C. S. Lewis

Lexicographic analysis of the Pauline Epistles (Just for fun)

Learning in War-Time (1939) [pdf] by C. S. Lewis

The Relation of Science and Religion (1956) by Feynman

Science and Faith [pdf] by Shoucheng Zhang

Some bird pictures?

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Lesser known films that I recommend